The Fire Event in Kulai

Apart from the catastrophic flood, fires also become an everlasting history to Kulai. Since the opening of Kulai, there were 6 incidents which have been reported. As result, many rebuilt buildings became more firm, modern-look and scenic. This situation brings a magnificent view to Pekan Kulai each time a fire occurs.

Yet Kulai was still a jungle-look before 1892. The person who discovers Kulai was Huang Gao Mao. He went back to China and brings his people to do development and exploration here at Kulai. In year 1902, Tan Yoke Fong from Southern China came to Kulai and discovers Pekan Baru Kulai (Xin Je Chang). Fu Wen Zhang then came from Malacca which also to be involved in developing about 4000 acres of Pekan Baru and Taman Kluang.

In 1910, Ngu Wan Zhi arrived at Kulai. He bought 3 huts from a Malay man and reconstructed it to 5 huts. All the huts became a line of 15 shop houses which most of them are coffee shops and petrol sellers.

In 1937, Fu Teck Hui and Fu Teck Nan were responsible to construct a line of 10 double story brick shop houses (currently located at Kulai Clinics) and a line of shop houses in front of it. By the construction of other buildings, an early phase of Kulai was formed then.

During the Japanese colonization (1941), these 2 lines of shop houses which were burnt by the British. When the Japanese armies arrived at Kulai, these shop houses were bombed and destroy the Pekan Kulai. After the colonization was defeated, all the buildings were reconstructed to double storey wooden shop houses.

The second fire occurred in 1947 when over 20 shop houses located at Mara Building were burnt. Then, the third occasion happened in 1960 and Seng Fat groceries shop which located at the old market was destroyed. 10 years later, 7 shops and 4 houses at Jalan Pasar faced the same fire incident.

During the fifth and sixth incident as they are the worst fire disaster happened in Kulai, over 100 buildings were destroyed on 4th July 1981, and 29th August 1981 respectively.