Kulai in 1945

Kulai Local Council was formed in 1950. Chinese Affair Administrative Officer, Chai Shen Gui, selected over 10 local leaders from residents to select their delegates. For this election, British Administrative Officer came Kulai to examine the election situation because it was the first election held in Johor.

During the first and second elections, The Seatman appointed was Tan Zheng Bo, meanwhile Teh Hui Min and Fu Ci Sheng were the next third and fourth season. From 1950 to 1960, Kulai Local council office located at Pekan Kulai near Mara Building. At that moment, no special allowances were given to the council members. They worked only for the sake of local development.

Then, after 1960, a public hall was built and Kulai local council office was moved. Here, allowances were given to the council members with RM 50.00 per month to the Chairman and RM 20.00 per month to other members.

Since then, all council members start to involve in politics. For example Lee Hui Chang was representing Parti Buruh take part in the local lag election and successfully selected as the resident attorney in Malay Schools area. Then, in 1960, another local lag election was held. Because of local support, Parti Buruh once again won the election with tremendous ballot. However during the next election in 1961, from the total of 8 seats, Parti Buruh and Barisan Bersatu both won 4 seats. And for the next election showed declining to only 1 seat for English Schools area.