Salam Cyber and welcome to the official website of Kulai Municipal Council (MPKu). First of all, thanks to God for the launching of this Website as latest informative and interactive means that connecting between MPKu and its Customers.

Through this Website it is hoped that MPKu customer will be able to facilitate and make access on business services which involves housing development, commercial project implementation, licensing, business premise, property tax assessment or service involving finance.

This Website also provides a channel for public complaint or beneficial proposals to be adapted. In fact, it is highly welcomed to nurture our relationship with society.

MPKu upholds Government aspiration outline, to improve efficient corporate governance and government service delivery system. The strengthening of delivery system can be tackled by ensuring various client transactions and private sector is simplified to reduce cost for business activity.

Besides, we are also equipped ourselves towards globalization challenges, increasing quality of life, service literate level and peace and prosperity by total. Towards that purpose, commitment of worker, leader and population cooperation effort has driven direction so that all objectives can be achieved.

This website is sure to be far from superlative, in fact needs ubiquitous value added to ensure material presented is relevant and customer-oriented. Hence, we appreciate creative ideas and active contribution to invite future wise partnership profitable with MPKu.

Finally, this website hopefully can perform its function effectively, with the role of continuous relationship with stakeholder and contributed towards improving delivery system efficiency.

"Excellent Municipal, Welfare for All"

YDP of Kulai Municipal Council,
Mohd Fahmi Bin Salam