Konsep Logo



Represent universal qualities, and symbolic to globalization. This explains wider Council's vision and accurate planning.

Represent Municipal Council bravery and firmness of Kulai Municipal Council in implementing rule and legislation. It also showed spirit, work force commitment and dynamic mind.

Colour which shows excellence and success according to the motto “Cemerlang Sejahtera" implemented in all work ethics of Kulai Municipal Council’s personnel

Symbolic to ethic and discipline in proactive administration.

Explain commitment of the council to uphold the race and country's vision.

Symbolic to the book which symbolises knowledge and commitment to improve continuous development efficiency.

Motto of a developed and prosperous municipal.

Represent 9 Municipal Council administration areas in Kulai that was developed by a staggered method.

Motto bagi perbandaran yang maju dan makmur

Reflect cooperation, and commitments agreement to realize the country's vision.

Represent Sultan International Airport Ismail, Senai as a major aviation hub and air transport in Southern Malaysia.