In 1960, the follow-up elections were again held. The labor party has won a big victory when it comes to solid support from the local people. The next election was held in 1961. Eight seats have been won in which the Labor and Barisan Units each won four seats. However, in the next election they only got one seat for the English school area only.

     Before the year of 1950, Kampung Baru Kulai was a field of land planted with rubber trees and pineapple. When the government announced an emergency, over 3000 residents of Pekan Baru were transfered here. At that time, there are still many areas that have no roads, drains, water supply and electricity. Most of the houses are set in motion and are only covered with nipah leaves. With Local Assemblies, infrastructure in Kulai began to advance. The Kulai area has been divided into Pekan, the Chinese, English and Malay schools. Among the early open streets were the Chinese School Road, the Arch Street, Durian Road, Ngu Lai Sheng Road and Ruo Jian Road.


     In the early 1950s electricity and water supply facilities were still not available in Kulai. Street lights in Kulai still used oil lamps. The person responsible for lighting the area lights in the Senai and Kulai areas is He Ruo Chang and Feng Bing Li. Before the war, the lamp installation work was handled by Luo Ling and Shen Wen. While water, every family needs to dig a well in their home area.

     By the end of the 1950s, Yong Ann Electric Company began to supply electricity to every family. Electrical supplies were only available from seven nights to five in the morning. After ten years, the people of Kulai had the opportunity to get 24 hours of electricity from the Government. In the 60s, Zheng Chong Wen, a member of the parliamentary constituency of Kluang Berjaya overcoming the problem of water supply pipelines. Since then, health facilities and public toilets have been established.

     In 1961, due to the misunderstanding between Malaysia and Indonesia, local councils nationwide were dispersed and subsequently replaced with the District Council. MCA Youth Movement Chairman, Lee San Chai was appointed as Chief of Kulai District Council. With the establishment of the Local Assembly, Fu Ci Sheng has been chairing the council for ten years.