Sungai Kulai was previously a clear river rich in animal diversity. However, due to seasonal changes, especially during the monsoon season, Xie Jie Chang was constantly in the midst of severe floods that complicate daily activities of local residents. The major flood events were not one time, even before the conquest of the Japanese Army (1941) and in 1950, 1961, 1967 and 1980, with water reaching two to eight feet.

     The history of the flood recurred on 26 December 2001, with the large flood that struck Kulai Town with several others town in Johor. The devastating black mud flood events have occured in Mount Pulai Village so that it can tear up trees and rocks and sacrifice five lives of the locals. The remains of Kulai's history have also been destroyed throughout the period of the Japanese invasion of the Malay land, which began on December 8, 1941. Many buildings in Kulai town area were destroyed in the bombing operations launched by the Japanese. Yoke Fong's residential bungalow was also hosted by the Japanese and made their administrative center in Kulai. This was where local residents or Japanese opponents will be attacked and killed.