The Kulai local council was established in1950. Administrative Officer of Chinese Affairs, Chai Shen Gui has nominated approximately ten local leaders to be elected by locals as representative of the area. For this election, British administrative officials were present at Kulai to look into the polls as the election was the first in Johor. In the first and second elections, Tan Zheng Bo was appointed chairman. On the third term Teh Hui Min was selected while for the fourth term Fu Li Sheng.

     From 1950 to 1960, the Kulai Local Assembly office was in Kulai Town namely at Mara Building. At that time, no special aalowance was given to the Council Member. They work voluntarily for local development. However, after 1960 a public hall was constructed and the Kulai Local Council Office was moved there. Councilors began to receive monthly allowance of RM50 per month for the chairman and RM20 for other members. Since then, local counsilors began to venture into politics, for example, Lee Hui Chang had represented the Labor Party to contest local electionns and succeeded in selecting representatives of the Malay school area.