Licensing Unit

  1. How long the license will be process?

    The Council will process license application based on completed application and other attached document.


  2. How much is the license payment?

    License payment is based on type of license applied. Table given is according to rate of Council budget.


  3. How to apply for business license?

    Please provide payment for purchasing license form. Fill in and provide details / document as follows:-

    1. A copy of company registration or MNA (Company Act) and form 24 49
    2. Copy of IC two passport photo
    3. Copy of Agreement ( if premise is rented )
    4. 1 copy of Property Tax
    5. 1 copy of Land Tax
    6. 1 copy of CFO
    7. Fire Dept supporting document (if general license)
      • If it is for food premise license:
        1. Additional condition is Food Handling Course
      • if factory license. Additional conditions is:
        1. Supporting document from Natural Resources and Environment
        2. Supporting document from Factory/Equipment Department
        3. Supporting document from Fire Dept
        4. Supporting document from MAIDA (if needed)
      • If Pharmacy License :
        1. Supporting document from Pharmacy / Health Dept JB
      • If Nursery/Childcare License :
        1. Supporting document from Educational Dept JB
        2. Supporting document from Health Dept JB
        3. Supporting document from Public Welfare Dept JB
      • If Liquor License :
        1. Supporting document from District Office JB
      • If Entertainment License/CD/VCD/Video
        1. Supporting document from Royal Police Dept JB
        2. Supporting document from FINAS
      • If Printing License :
        1. Supporting document from Johor State Secretary (Johor State Printing Unit)


  4. Where to apply for business license (business place)?

    To apply for premise license – business place which is appropriate, it should be decided by the customers themselves according to the need.

  6. When could someone start doing business?

    Business license will be issued once it get approval from Council full meeting.