Property Tax

  1. What is Property Tax?

    Property or Assessment Tax is tax imposed on the property ownership within Kulai Municipal Council area such as : Residential Building, Commercial Building (shop lots, business complexes, offices, hotels, workshops, petrol stations and cinemas), Industrial Building (factories, warehouses, plants, depots and substations), Vacant Land – Agricultural Land, units in flats, condominium, office and other building.

  2. How it is calculated?

    Property tax is calculated based on Add and Rate Value. Add rate is based on Property Market Price at a specific level value. Rate is the percentage of property value as payable tax property. Property Add value can be amended if there is a change in property or mistakes or non-uniformity according to Section 144(1) Local Government Act 1976. Property owner can make objection if don’t agree with the amendment. Objection should be made by written before specified dateline.

  3. When it should be paid?

    Property tax should be paid 2 times a year:

    1. First Year - 1 January until 28 February for each year
    2. Second Year - 1 July until 31 August every year
  4. How if the arrears are not being paid within those period?

    According to Section 147(1) Act 171 Local Government, action shall be taken if you don’t able to make payment within the period. Refer to legislation section (act).

  6. What should you do if the property tax bill is not received?

    If you didn’t receive the bill, you can come to Property Management and Valuation Department, Kulai Municipal Council to collect the bills. Please bring along these information: Lot/Home No and property location or – Account No (if available) or – Previous bill for reference.

  7. If you are a tenant of the house/building, what should you do?

    You should give the bills and Form E notice to the owner. If the owner fails to make payment, action will be taken by suspending tenant property. However Kulai Municipal Council can avoid the action by negotiating with tenant to pay the premise rental directly to Kulai Municipal Council until the arrears is being fully paid as stated in Section 151(5) (6) Act 171.

  9. Can we pay the arrears by installment?

    Arrears can be paid by installment if it the total amount is big. Application form can be collected at Property Management and Valuation Department, Kulai Municipal Council. The Council will decide total amount of installment agreed by both parties.

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